Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company

Objectives & Approach
Ford wanted to communicate the value of their Extended Service Plan product, and sell more contracts.

They targeted 20,000 Ford F-150 vehicle owners nearing the end of their factory warranty period with a segmented campaign to get their message to different age and income groups.

Those targeted included the lower income vehicle owner (“Why let unexpected repairs blow your budget?”); the higher income vehicle owner (“Why let unexpected repairs impact your valuable time and budget?”); and older age bracket (“With many years of driving experience behind you, you understand…”)

Several approaches were tested including the use of a black and white letter versus a full colour self-mailer; and user of basic personalisation versus fully variable, customer relevant content.



The fully variable piece outperformed basic personalisation with a response rate improvement of 5.7% and sales penetration improvement of 35.7%

After this campaign, Ford adopted personalised direct mail campaigns for all vehicle customer segments within the Extended Service Plan direct marketing programme.