Lexus & Time Magazine

Lexus & Time Magazine

Objectives & Approach
Lexus wanted to create market awareness for its new Lexus 2010 RX sports utility vehicle and its customizable features. Key objectives were to increase sales and drive customers to Lexus website for more information.

The campaign was launched by Lexus, together with Time Inc. It targeted potential car buyers in the US and was capped at 31,000 (print) and 200,000 (online).

Together, Lexus and Time Inc. created “Mine Magazine”, a reader-customized magazine to help the audience envision driving a Lexus.

Mass media messages drove subscribers to a website, where they could get the magazine by selecting content from 5 out of 8 magazines from the Time group.

The content of the magazine, and the advertising inside, were personalized based on the content selected by the reader and answers to a questionnaire.

Each magazine was 32 pages long, with fully personalized table of contents, articles from chosen magazines, and four personalized ads.

Lexus ads were personalized with the subscriber’s name, home town, geographic region, state, radio preference and more.
Six issues of the magazine were produced in total.



Lexus and Time capped the campaign at 31,000 print edition subscribers and 200,000 digital edition subscribers. They reached this limit much faster than expected.

“Mine” magazine won Gold Medal at 2009 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival for “Best Use of Magazines”

17% of subscribers opted in for more information on Lexus, compared to their benchmark 9%.