Prism Business Media

Prism Business Media

Prism Business Media publishes The Multichannel Merchant magazine and sponsors the annual ACCM tradeshow and conference for catalogue, online, and multichannel merchants.

Objectives & Approach
Prism wanted to attract attendees for their annual tradeshow and conference and encourage online enrolment for the event.

They targeted 12,500 retailers and marketing professional prospects, sourced from a house list and from external sources.

Prism segmented their audience to four types: retailers, business-to-business marketers, online marketers and others.

Recipients were offered a $100 early-bird registration discount and a Free copy of a white paper (directed to a pURL).

The campaign included a postcard and pURL. In parallel Prism ran a control group campaign of 10,000 to which they mailed the event brochures only (their standard method).

Both were followed up with telemarketing


The campaign attracted 50% more attendees than their traditional marketing methods.

Personalised postcard returned $2.17 in paid registration fees for every dollar invested while the traditional method returned only $0.99 for every dollar spent.

The campaign resulted in a 2.54% response rate (visited personalised URL). This resulted in a 75.38% conversion (personalised URL visitors who registered for event).