GlobalCerts, located in Bedford, New Hampshire, develops email encryption software, which is used by financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and government agencies around the world.

Objectives & Approach
GlobalCerts needed a way to generate stronger leads for its sales force, and obtain market/customer intelligence.

They targeted 9,249 prospective customers – all senior and upper-level IT staff at companies with 100 to 1,000 employees – from a rented list.

Prospects were segmented into four customer types – healthcare, finance, government and e-business.

Each prospect received a message, tailored by their industry, that GlobalCerts can offer expertise to help its users satisfy their industry requirements. GlobalCerts offered a secure USB stick for completing an online survey at the pURL.

A direct mail piece was sent with a different design and message for each segment. The piece drove recipients to a pURL, including a survey.

A follow-up email stressed the features and benefits most relevant to their segment.


The campaign resulted in an estimated $300,000–$500,000 in new business and 15-20 qualified leads.

There were 83 unique visits to the personalised URLs, which represented a 1% response rate, compared to their previous static campaign which did not receive a single response.

60 of the 83 site visitors completed the survey, 72% click through rate! Of these, 5 asked for a demo immediately.

There was an increased traffic to GlobalCerts’ corporate website and a higher volume of inbound telemarketing calls.