Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Objectives & Approach
This private institution specialising in medical careers had a three-pronged requirement of its campaign.

While hoping to increase the number of alumni participating in an upcoming reunion, it also aimed to test the effectiveness of personalised URLs for gathering information including data on alumni that could be used for future contacts and fundraising efforts.

Alumni of the college were informed about an upcoming reunion and encouraged to register and share information with the college via a pURL.

As an incentive, alumni were offered the chance of winning Boston Red Sox tickets.

A personalised postcard featured an image of a slot machine that showed the year that the recipient graduated and a personalised URL containing the year of graduation.
Personalised URL displayed a class picture, enabled alumni to update their profiles, check out reunion events, contribute to a class gift, and reconnect with old friends.


The campaign resulted in 5.5% response over previous, traditional direct mail for reunions (tracked number of alumni who registered).

The pURL facilitated alumni information updates, saving additional effort to capture and store information.