Little Rock Catholic High School

Little Rock Catholic High School

Little Rock’s Catholic High School (CHS) is a private all-boys school founded in Arkansas.

Aims & Objectives
The aim of the campaign was to create added awareness of the CHS Alumni Association, increase membership in the alumni association and solicit donations.

The target audience consisted of the 4,300 alumni of the CHS.

A humorous and nostalgic campaign encouraged donations with contributors rewarded with gifts for each donation.

Gifts ranged from a CD of a tribute show on a local radio station (for donations of $100); to having detention records destroyed ($250); to alumni receiving a signed autograph from the school’s rector ($500).

A personalised postcard, including a pURL and a personalised detention notice were sent to each target. Each recipient asked respondents to share their favourite memory and most memorable punishment from school; volunteer to lead or get involved in alumni activities; or make a donation.


The campaign resulted in 584 (14%) unique visits to pURLS, where some 241 (41%) of pURL visitors completed surveys.

A total of 122 donations were made, with over half of these conducted online.

The total new alumni membership acquired equalled 136 while the total donation amount was $13,000+.