Salem College

Salem College

Salem College

Objectives & Approach
The admissions department at this private ladies’ college wanted to generate and qualify leads, and encourage prospects to take part in the college’s Spring Visit Programme.

The target audience for this campaign was 80,000 sophomore and junior high school girls (purchased list from the College Board).

The aim of the campaign was to encourage prospects to start the college search process early with messages that included, “How will you change tomorrow?” and “Shine”.

Prospects received a personalised invitation mailer driving them to a pURL. The pURL included a survey on academic/extracurricular interests, information about Spring Visit Day, and a link to a trailer video about the college.

This was followed-up by an email with link and password to an extended video, and option to view 5-minute video on YouTube.

A customised brochure was mailed the following day, as well as a handwritten thank-you note from the admissions counsellor. A postcard and email with information on Spring Visit Day followed.


There was a response rate of 4.4% (visited PURL) – a 303% increase compared to the previous year’s response rate.
47% of pURL visitors completed the survey while 20% of pURL visitors requested additional information about the Spring Visit programme.

Spring Visit attendance increased by 46% from previous years and the campaign eliminated the manual labour required from admissions staff.