Texas Home Health

Texas Home Health

Texas Home Health provides comprehensive home health services to private individuals, case managers, physicians, nursing homes, hospitals, insurance companies, and health maintenance organisations.

Objectives & Approach
The aim of the campaign was to increase the number of applicants for home care field staff positions.

It also set out to increase the effectiveness of its recruitment efforts and reduce recruitment costs.

The campaign targeted a list of 130,000 potential employees, divided by geography, ethnicity and gender.

Prospects received personalised direct mail with a relevant message informing them about job opportunities at the firm.

Recipients of the mailer were asked to visit their pURL to take a brief survey and to find out more about the jobs available.

Recipients were also encouraged to call a toll-free number or respond via email. On receipt of this response, the HR department made contact with the prospect.


The campaign resulted in a 3 – 5% response rate (compared to 0.05% or lower in previous campaigns).

The average cost decreased from an average of $2,500 per applicant to approx. $50 per applicant.

The campaign saved $70,000 in recruitment costs over previous methods.
Additional leads for future vacancies were also produced.