Hewlett Packard Technology Solutions Group

Hewlett Packard Technology Solutions Group

Objectives & Approach
HP Technology Solutions Group set out to maximise qualified customers and prospects attending a regional roadshow-event sponsored by the company.

The aim of the campaign was to improve quality of event attendee in terms of prospect qualifications; thereby increasing the programme’s ROI and reduce costs.

An audience of 21,765 IT professionals was identified and segmented into gender and geographical location. They were targeted with the key message of “Invest some time today, save much more tomorrow”.

A personalised piece of direct mail invited IT professionals to a free seminar. The genderised, localised invitation with variable images, made the invites appear as if they had been mailed locally.

After the seminar, telemarketing was used to follow up with attendees to identify qualified sales leads.


ROI increased by 352% over the previous year, where personalisation was not used. Response rates had quadrupled and no-show rates were reduced by 50%.