NewPage Corporatio

NewPage Corporatio

NewPage, the largest coated paper manufacturer in North America, sought recognition for its digital paper line among designers.

Objectives & Approach

NewPage sought to attract delegates to its booth at an industry conference.

The aim of the campaign was to gather important details from the 2,700 graphic design professionals in attendance to help NewPage better understand the audience and enable post-conference communications.


The key message of the campaign was that NewPage offers great solutions to meet any design challenge.

A personalised self mailer (10”x10” folded in half), with a pURL, was sent to conference attendees four weeks before the event.

After answering a brief survey on the pURL, responders were emailed a voucher to claim a t-shirt at the NewPage booth at the conference.

Thirty days later, a follow-up email was sent.


The campaign resulted in a 47% response rate ie pURL visitors. The click through rate – those who completed the pURL survey and requested a t-shirt – was recorded at 35%. The pick-up of t-shirts was 100%.

Almost 50% of the conference attendees stopped by the NewPage booth, while hundreds of email addresses were captured for future communications.