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How to Create an Exciting Exhibition Stall

06 2017

If you’re planning on attending an exhibition as an exhibitor then it’s imperative that you give a lot of thought to your stand. After all an exhibition is a key opportunity to promote your business to customers and interact with them directly. The main objectives of any stand should be threefold:

  1. To stand out from the crowd
  2. To clearly communicate what it is you do
  3. To be memorable to those you encounter

But how best to achieve these things? Well, we’ve put together a compilation of top tips for all exhibitors to take into consideration when putting together their stands. Given that in all likelihood you’ll have paid to be at the exhibition and you’ll be investing a fair amount of money in your stall, it really is worth putting some time into doing your research into what works…

Make sure branding is consistent

Before you put any thought into your stall being eye-catching ensure the foundations are in place in terms of branding. Make sure all logos, the colour scheme and any text you employ is all on brand and ties in with your current marketing messaging. If your branding is all over the place you will not be taken seriously and any impression you manage to make on the attendees of the exhibition will be seriously diluted and undermined.

Consider going multimedia

A great way to grab attention is to employ multimedia ways of presenting the work you do or product(s) you sell. This could involve a video screen playing a lively promotional video or scrolling through images and testimonials. Alternatively consider having iPads to hand to play promotional videos and perhaps interactive presentations. The use of iPads can be particularly effective if your business is based online, since they will allow potential customers to get to grips with your online shopfront with you on-hand to answer any questions they may have.

Don’t become exhibition wallpaper

Anyone who has attended an exhibition will have seen what works and what doesn’t in terms of presentation. A healthy mix of practical and inspiring imagery will work best to communicate professionalism as well as humanity. In terms of the actual pictures you use, one must is to avoid bland clip-art. We all know the sort. Original artwork or photos of your actual customers or employees will work infinitely better than stock photography of people shaking hands or vectors of stick men in generic business poses.

Keep it clean

As well as literal cleanliness, the simplicity of your stall is important. A cluttered stall will not only put off browsers but could hinder you in interacting with them. There’s a fine line to run between simple, clean presentation and a sparse uninspiring stall – pitch somewhere between the two to ensure you appear professional as well as memorable.

Give people a reason to stay

While serving up a three-course dinner won’t be remotely practical, providing some sort of nibbles is a great way to get people loitering around your stall. Offer drinks as well and suddenly your stand becomes a relatively sociable hub for attendees; a place to congregate and – hopefully – discuss your business.

Provide something for people to take away with them

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ so the saying goes. Make sure you stay in the minds of the customers and contacts you meet by giving them something physical to take away with them. This tangible reminder of your business could help to jog their memory of your existence at a key moment in terms of transactions. This memento could be as simple as a business card but could also take the form of a branded pen or better yet something more creative, such as a calendar fridge magnet. Give some thought to a business-relevant little freebie, such as a branded bottle opener if you’re a wine merchant or branded balloons if you’re a children’s entertainer.

Be bold and brave

Once you’ve covered all the basics listed above to ensure your business proposition is communicated clearly, its time to give some thought to pizzazz. Here are three ideas to add a dash of excitement to your stall:

  1. A business card tombola could be a dynamic way to accrue contact details and allow you and your stall to become the centre of attention when you draw the winner
  2. Set up a photo booth taking photos of potential customers posing with your products, all of which can then be posted on you website
  3. Make your stall a must-visit destination by setting up some sort of game, such as skittles, where anyone who gets a strike is awarded with a voucher to spend on your products or service

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