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Direct Marketing

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Seamless communications with the same aim in mind; the highest possible return and response rate for your investment.

At Syncoms we work with you to create personalised direct marketing campaigns that generate responses and returns.

We use on and offline bespoke solutions to deliver your message direct to your customer’s preferred media channel, whether that’s their letterbox, PC inbox or mobile phone.

Our integrated marketing campaigns across print, web and mobile are all created from a single source. You get consistency, creativity and collaboration at every stage of the process.


Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Accurate direct mail with impact

It’s easy to delete an email. Mass mail is simple to ignore. Only direct mail makes your message stick. While your competitors focus on blanket campaigns, do something different. Be clear. Be confident. Create a targeted campaign that captures the attention of your customer.

At Syncoms we design, produce and dispatch direct marketing campaigns that work. For many years we’ve been leaders in e-commerce, technical and print direct mail around the globe. Our targeted and flexible campaigns guarantee cost-efficient production and delivery.

We’ll scrutinise your data. Look for patterns. Get to know your target market. And produce a campaign that delivers accurate mail reliably, consistently and creatively. A return on your investment and marketing communications delivered on time and in budget.

Emailing Marketing

Emailing Marketing

Delivered direct to their inbox

Email marketing is a low-cost way of making your marketing strategy work harder is a brilliant way of starting a more intimate conversation with your customers who’ve asked to receive your content.

It’s a ready and willing audience who want to talk to your business. We can take your message straight to their inbox.

At Syncoms we’ve got many years of experience in designing, writing and sending your emails. We even take care of writing the all-important subject line. And the work doesn’t end once we’ve pressed send. We monitor and track every campaign to help us plan for the next one. We’ll see what works and what we can do next time round to boost effectiveness even further.

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