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A selection of webinars and talks about the joys of Web2Print!

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Upcoming Webinars

How I stopped worrying and learned to love… my customers!

19th August 2020. It will be possible to pre-register for the webinar starting from the 12th of August

Past Webinars

Does your business truly add anything of real value to your customers?

If you've ever pondered what to do at a Web2Print sales meeting, this webinar is for you. Ali Ridha, our Vice President of the EMEA region, covers what to bring and what to say, recounting his own experiences - and mistakes! - to bring you some hard truths and important lessons.

I don’t need Web2Print because my customers have never asked for it!

In this first session, Ali Jaffar debunks the myth that printers don’t need Web2Print by revealing his secret past as someone who once felt the same way! Sharing the experiences from his journey from sceptical doubter to true believer, Ali will reveal how he became one of the industry’s biggest proponents and hopefully encourage a few conversions from the audience.

Accelerating Your Business with Web2Print

This webinar, delivered by the VP of the Syncoms Group, Ali Jaffar, discusses what Syncoms can do for you in the world of Web2Print. He is joined by Managing Director of Impact Digital, Heath Nankervis, and Editor at Print21, Wayne Robinson.

The Ultimate Sales Pitch! Effective Selling Techniques for Web2Print Services

It’s not enough to build out the best technology and online services — you have to sell them — everyday. This webinar, delivered by the VP of the Syncoms Group, Ali Jaffar, discusses how selling solutions is different to selling impressions. Once your team masters it — the sky’s the limit.

Customer Implementation with Velocity: Overcoming Common Challenges Post Installation

You've just invested in a new eCommerce solution; your implementation and training is complete and you’re wondering, “What’s next?” How do you best go about building a successful online business? VP of the Syncoms Group, Ali Jaffar, shares his knowledge on the subject.

Organizational Transformation with Effective Training and Recruitment

Building the right team to sell and manage your technology is often the difference between success or failure. This webinar, delivered by the VP of the Syncoms Group, Ali Jaffar, discusses how curating a team can transform your go to market and provide a premium customer experience.

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